Our job is to keep your websites looking great and your services running smoothly.

Your job is to pay your bills in full and on time.

The relationship only works if we all do our part.

Let’s do great things together!

Website & Email Hosting

Monthly: Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal

Quarterly: Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal, Email Money Transfer

Yearly: Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal, Email Money Transfer, Check

We strongly encourage the use of the automated payments feature available for Paypal and Credit Card payments to keep your account up to date without manual action on your part.

The billing system will send your invoice two(2) full weeks prior to the due date, a reminder a few days before your payment is due, and will provide 2 additional past due notices in the weeks following a missed payment. After thirty(30) days, the service will be automatically suspended until a payment is *received*.

You are responsible to mail checks such that they are *received* by the due date.

If your manual payments are late more than once in a calendar year, we may at our sole discretion, require you to adopt one of the automated payment methods to receive continued service.

Website Builds & Maintenance

Standard Terms

We will meet to determine and agree on project scope and deadlines.

After this time we will provide you with a quote in the form of a price range and discuss the factors that will determine where in the range the final price will fall.

You will be required to agree to the upper end of the price range as you, the customer, have the greatest control over the factors that influence the final price.

We will collect a deposit of up to 50% of the maximum agreed on price, at our sole discretion, before commencing work

The balance will be due upon completion on standard net 30 terms.

Should you choose to host your site with us, any related fees and terms will commence within one week prior to expected completion when we create your account and prepare to transfer your site to our production server.


We finance new website builds, at our sole discretion, free of interest or additional charges.

This is done largely to benefit small and growing local businesses by removing the pain of a lump sum fee which many may consider an obstacle to creating or upgrading their web presence.

The only requirement is that you host your site with us.

Upon completion, the final cost including taxes will be divided by the financing term to determine your equal monthly payment amount.

Financing terms is 6 months for websites up to $1499 (excluding taxes) or 12 months for websites over $1499 (excluding taxes).

You will receive a single combined invoice each month detailing your monthly website payment and your hosting fees.

As per the standard hosting terms, a single missed payment(30 days late) will be grounds for suspending the service.

Two(2) missed payments will result in your the termination of the financing agreement with the full balance due before the service can be re-enabled.

*We are reasonable people. The harsher penalties listed above are for people that make little/no effort to maintain an effective relationship.

It’s unfortunate, but they’re out there.

If you are experiencing temporary challenges with upholding your end of any agreements with us, proactive and open communication is key in preventing dissatisfaction for all parties.

Net: Talk to us and lets see what we can work out.