High Performance Website Hosting

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  • 2 Domains
  • 5 GB Storage
  • 50 GB Data Transfer
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • 5 Databases
  • 5 Email Accounts/Forwards
  • POP3 Access
  • IMAP Access
  • Webmail

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Small Business

  • 25 Domains
  • 15 GB Storage
  • 150 GB Data Transfer
  • 25 FTP Accounts
  • 25 Databases
  • 50 Email Accounts/Forwards
  • POP3 Access
  • IMAP Access
  • Webmail

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Medium Business

  • 50 Domains
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • 50 FTP Accounts
  • 50 Databases
  • 100 Email Accounts/Forwards
  • POP3 Access
  • IMAP Access
  • Webmail

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Managed Wordpress - Worry free updates

We provide hands on Wordpress core, plugin, and theme updates at least once per month to keep your site secure and running smoothly. When something goes wrong with an automated update, your customer is usually the first on to notice, but our hands on approach to updating ensures that doesn't happen. If there's ever a problem, we just rollback the update and resolve the issue before proceeding. The Wordfence plugin provides an added layer of security with a web application firewall, brute force attack prevention, enforcement of strong password rules(optional), and other threat detection/prevention/logging tools.


  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • WordFence Security Plugin

High Performance Website Hosting Features & Benefits

These apply to all of our great web hosting plans


Overpowered & Underloaded

We don't pack our servers with clients and run them to the limits of their capabilities like many other providers. We keep server load low so we can easily support unexpected bursts of traffic and keep delivering web pages to your customers quickly.


Automated Backup

Nightly incremental backup plus weekly full backup with 14 day retention. All of our backups are stored offsite on redundant systems to ensure they are available when you need them.



Our industry standard control panel simplifies tasks like adding and managing ftp accounts, domains & subdomains, DNS, etc. Plus it simplifies migration to and from many other providers.


Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Upon request we will enable a feature providing free Domain Validated SSL certificates. The certificates are automatically installed and renewed as needed so you never need to worry.


Free Setup & Migration Assistance

We will help you get setup and/or migrate from your existing service to ours. We will migrate your website files, databases and DNS and make sure everything gets reconnected properly. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate.


Customer Support

Questions or concerns? We are here to help. We encourage our customers to use our support system by logging in and creating a ticket so their concerns can be addressed as quickly as possible. We are also generally available by phone during business hours.